Our Staff

Our Staff at Joanne Todd Christian School is committed to the development of our students into well-rounded, students who will grow into Godly young men and women.  Our Christian Education Philosophy is founded upon the Word of God and all our Teachers and Aides care greatly about academics and promoting a deep understanding of the Word of God.


Luther Stapleton:  Principal Stapleton is a life-long learner who emphasizes the Scriptural foundations of the education process.  He is currently pursuing his Masters of Ministry from Luther Rice College and Seminary and is the Minister of Education at First Baptist Church of Willcox.  He can be emailed at principal@jtcs.org

Joanne Todd Christian School Staff




Mrs. Wendy Kibler:  Wendy is a teacher who exemplifies the Christian ideals of loving God and loving others.  She pours her heart and soul into the education of our students and desires them to mature and affect future generations with the Gospel.  She currently teaches kindergarten through 2nd grade.  You can contact Wendy by emailing her at Kibler@jtcs.org


Joanne Todd Staff

Mrs. Amanda Hart:  Amanda is currently our 3rd-5th grade teacher while simultaneously getting her Masters Degree in Education from Grand Canyon University.  Her hard work and dedication shows in how she relates to her students, prepares for the day’s lessons, and communicates ideas to her fellow staff members.  She can be contacted by email at hart@jtcs.org with any question you may have.


Mr. Earl Goolsby:  Mr. Goolsby is a veteran teacher who brings years of experience to his classroom.  He does a wonderful job of interacting with his students and therefore builds strong, lasting relationships with them.  By involving his students in the independent learning process, he promotes their critical thinking skills enabling them to examine the many difficult problems they may encounter in life.  He also is a talented piano player  and we love utilizing his gifts in our student programs.  He can be emailed at goolsby@jtcs.org


Teacher’s Aides


Mrs. Courtney Gonzalez:  Mrs. Gonzalez, a long time aide here at Joanne Todd Christian School, is committed to the education of the children under her care.  Her work ethic is admired and appreciated among her coworkers and parents alike.  We are pleased to have her on staff this year and for the future.


Mrs. Mindy Stapleton:  Mrs. Stapleton has displayed a life-long passion for the discipleship and education of children.  She tirelessly works in preparing the programs here at Joanne Todd Christian School in an effort to showcase what we are all about.


Mrs. Deborah Todd-Treasurer/Secretary:  Mrs. Todd is a dedicated employee whose hard work is greatly appreciated here at JTCS.  She works tirelessly to ensure that things run smoothly and we are blessed to have her on board.

Mrs. Jeannie Norris-Secretary: Mrs. Norris is a sweet, loving lady who always puts forth her best effort.  She seemingly always has a smile on her face and a humorous story that always brightens the day of those around her.  With her help the days seem to fly by.