Affordable Christian Education

Is Christian Education in Arizona truly affordable?  That is a question that every parent asks themselves when considering whether to pursue an alternative education for their children.  The answer is a resounding YES!  The greater question is, however, can one afford not to seek out a high quality, individualized education for one of life’s most prized treasures, your children? The answer to that question is a personal, parental decision, but we feel that it is most certainly, No!

The tuition at Joanne Todd Christian School for kindergarten is $3,200 plus $90 book fee. For grades 1-8 it is $3,500 with a $130 book fee.  These costs can be greatly offset by applying for tuition assistance and scholarships provided by organizations such as:

We realize that circumstances arise in life, so if payment arrangements need to be made please see Principal Stapleton so that we can do all that we can do to assist you.

We pray that with the above assistance programs that you will decide in favor of Joanne Todd Christian School.

Information will be added to this page periodically, so remember to check in for any updates.