Christian Education in Arizona

Christian Education in Arizona

We at Joanne Todd Christian School, a small private Christian school in Willcox AZ, are committed to the discipleship and academic education of the children in our region.  JTCS is a growing institution of educational excellence nestled in the Sulphur Springs Valley of Cochise County that looks to serve all Southeast Arizona.  By nurturing and developing an independent learning style  with ABEKA as our core curriculum, we are preparing students for both current and future success.


Christian Education in Arizona, Willcox

Christian Education in Arizona

We feel that integrating a vigorous study of God’s Word is vital to the success of our students.  All wisdom and knowledge is found in Christ Jesus (Col. 2:13) and is the focal point of any traditional, conservative educational structure.  The foundational principles found in the Bible, and as taught at Joanne Todd Christian School, include the creation of all things in Heaven and Earth by and through Jesus Christ, the explanation of our sinful state through the Fall of Man, and how God has redemptively worked throughout history to reconcile we humans to Himself.

Many people may wonder why Christian Education in Arizona is so important.  There are several reasons, but first and foremost is the preservation and expansion of the Judeo-Christian worldview that has allowed Western Civilization to thrive for centuries.  This worldview includes the supremacy of God, the sanctity of life as all people are created in the image of God, and the resulting establishment of orphanages, hospitals, universities, and missions throughout the world.  Though we as Christians have not always lived up to the pristine ideals that we espouse, these ideals should not and must not be forgotten.

This is why Christian Education in Arizona is vitally important to our future.  We are to not only equip the next generation for success in their chosen vocations, but to ensure that the religious freedoms so hard fought for and won by our predecessors do not end up in the dustbin of history.  A strong generation, grounded in the Word and taught to think in the classical style, is of the utmost importance for our nation.

Education in Arizona is our Future

This next generation is truly the future of  the United States.  They will face the further redefinition of marriage, the family, gender, and traditional morals being eroded.  To face these obstacles, the youth of Arizona will need to know that the Truth of the scriptures is not dependent upon societal whims or revisionists historians who want to eradicate our way of life, but on the unchanging nature of the Triune God. Along with reading, writing, and arithmetic, the student ought to be familiar with and grounded in the inerrant and infallible Word of God.

Here at Joanne Todd Christian School, we do not feel that the Scriptures are integrated into secular academics, but that the scriptures and academics are a cohesive unit that make a unified whole.  It is a disservice to our youth to presume that a well-rounded education is obtained sans knowledge of our Creator.  This is where Christian Education in Arizona, and JTCS in particular, plays a crucial role in the educational system.  We are not only one alternative among many to public education, we are an essential asset to our community, our state, and our nation in securing the future for our posterity through a high-quality education.

Christian Education in Arizona begins in the Home

We must not forget, however, that educating Arizona’s youth begins in the home.  The family is the foundational unit upon which all of civilization is built and as such cannot be overlooked in the education process.  Training up a child in the way they should go is no small feat and should not be left solely to the staff and faculty of any school, including Joanne Todd Christian School.    With a family that educates at home and shows an appreciation for a solid Christian education, the battle is already half won.  With such a support structure, the next generation of Arizona’s citizens will be more than amply prepared to face all of life’s challenges.

Considering this, Christian education in Arizona is not an afterthought, but rather is front and center in our educational priorities.  To make all this possible, not only does our schools need your prayers, but so do your children, our communities, and our government officials.  We must not lean on our own understanding, but trust in the Lord with all our heart and He will make our paths straight.

Joining Joanne todd Christian School

If you are interested in an alternative to public education and would like to become part of  Joanne Todd Christian School, we first need to hear from you.  If you have any questions, Contact Us and we will respond as quickly as possible.  Our Application Center is also available to get the enrollment process started for your children.  Tuition and Scholarship help is available through The Institute for Better Education, ACSTO, and others to make the cost of christian education in Arizona affordable for all families.

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